Terraceview Apartments are located at 4120 S. Terrace St, Toledo, OH

Ph.# 419.578.1111
Ask for Cathy!

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:Terraceview Aparments:

Terraceview is a rental property mangaged by
BK Property Services Inc.
Onsite property manager Cathy Eggers will be able to assist you in appropriating the proper apartment to fit your needs.
  :Current Monthly Prices:
Are prices start at $399 for a 1 bedroom, and a low $599 for a 2 bedroom apartment.
We have short term leasing agreements available, check them out here.

:Onsite Manager:
Please call our onsite Manager: Cathy at 419.578.1111, to set up an apartment viewing or any repairs that need our assistance by filling out our support form.

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We carry affordable and comfortable livingspaces

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